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Empowering the world through interactivity and comedic social commentary


Who We Are

Untitled Interactive (Untitled) is a mobile gaming studio which is comprised of an all-star team of entertainment and video game industry veterans including former WWE Senior Producer, Narrative Consultant for Eastside Games, Deep Silver, and Jam City, executive producer at THQ, Sega, and Edge of Reality,  and accomplished studios like Circle 5 Studios- the developer of the hit Primal Carnage,  Present Creative – strategic partner of Zynga, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Electronic Arts (EA), and Kokku Studio out of Brazil, responsible for the development of games for 505 Games, Massive Work Studio, and Quantum Quake.  Untitled is fashioned to develop a portfolio of games that consistently deliver incredible pioneering experiences, educational development, comedic value, and outstanding revenue results.

The lion-share of the Untitled Interactive's catalogue of mobile gaming applications funded by the Games-To-Learn-From Fund.  Our games are developed from a team with a penchant for making hit games which offer an exciting game portfolio investment with a new liquidity feature expected to be available in 2020.  By aggregating multiple mobile games from multiple development partners along with the games created by Untitled, and funding them through a public fund that allows traditional investors or game enthusiasts to enter this exciting sector with a fairly small barrier to entry. 

For each game, the Games-To-Learn-From fund solicits for investments.  When the fund per project reaches $250,000, that amount is turned over and the fund has a 60% interest in the mobile gaming project.  The fund provides resources and to the studios via the Untitled Interactive mobile studio team.  The first game in the fund is Smack-A-Fool–a trivia game/slapstick comedy game.  The next game will be chosen by the fund via a pool generated from games in development at Untitled Interactive, along with IP acquired from highly successful developers who can bring forth compelling games, with a learning slant.  With this, Untitled is poised to secure a catalog of top-shelf, innovative, and pioneering gaming experiences and capture a segment of the video game market that is currently under-utilized.

The next step is to bring the Untitled Interactive opportunity to the investment community.  The following prospectus outlines further our vision and the opportunity that we believe the Untitled Interactive and the Game-To-Learn-From fund represents.


Untitled Interactive’s goal – through skill, innovative marketing, and pre-existing relationships – is to reach and remain in the top 50, for 20% of our games in development.  If Untitled attains this,  the rewards can be considerable. Over the study period, 119 games have remained in the top 50 for over 100 days, with 38 in the top 50 for over 500 days, and 15 for over 1000 days. By comparison with the huge number of apps in the store, those are small numbers, but even averaging only $47,000 for a thousand days would be enough to produce $47 million in revenue — more than enough to sustain a business and keep attracting new users.


The Untitled Interactive executives and advisors bring decades of combined management and sales experience in the video game industry. Untitled’s management and advisors have worked with companies that have achieved billions of dollars in sales across multiple franchises, including Sims, Border Break, The Conduit, Valkyria, Bayonetta, Madden NFL (Mobile), Ninja Kingdom, and Primal Carnage and many others.  The track record of the Untitled Interactive team is hard to match anywhere in the video game industry.  With this, success is inevitable.

The founder of Untitled Interactive, R. Byron Hord, has positioned the network essential to bringing this concept to action and success. The relationships with highly successful developers, celebrities, and investors, ensure his company’s success.  The executive leadership team at Untitled Interactive has deep experience and success in both the video game and entertainment sectors.  As such, the team is well-positioned to render assessments regarding particular game opportunities and intellectual property acquisition.  Equally important, the team’s extensive connections position Untitled to create highly competitive and compelling content. 

To provide further clarity behind our mission, Untitled Interactive believes in the notion of edutainment – creating content that exercises the users’ brain as they are entertained.  So when the company speaks of educational-based games, it speaks of games that brain tease and test knowledge, which having a narrative driven by humor.  The flagship game Smack-A-Fool exemplifies this – a comical smack for the lesser in a battle of trivia and wits.


Edu-tainment Agenda

Untitled Interactive wants to create good distractions on the course to empowering the user by enhancing teach users base of knowledge with every play. Besides that, games that are more cerebral in nation are becoming a dominate source in revenue generation for the mobile industry. Word, puzzle, and trivia games have close to a .5% advantage over other genres of games when looking at user retention.   So when you look at the low cost of development with their overall revenue growth (+35% in 2018), games of a cerebral nature are the obvious sweet spot in not only making money, but also, keeping users.


Mobile Projects
08_Smack Screen_02.png


(iOS, Android)

Trivia & Slapstick fighting game parody designed to test users on their worldly knowledge, with virtual currency for correct answers and humiliation for stupidity. ​

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 11.25.47

Friday Night Fight Night


The first education-based superhero mobile RPG/fighting game in which students' avatars acquire superhuman skills based on their proficiency in class. Every Friday, kids battle other schools - virtually - and the students who are doing well in school do well in the game.

Primal Carnage:Assault


Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 2.18.46 PM.png

24 Hours of Being Broke

(iOS, Android)

A mobile open-world game involving a struggling actor attempting to obtain success while keeping all the bills paid.  Teach people how to budget daily finances is the goal of this game. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 11.20.20

The Sidekick


A mobile adventure mystery game, originally sold to Sega as a film.  The story surrounds solving the mystery of a fallen superhero using math and science.

Primal Carnage Assault, the first MOBA that lets you play as both dinos and humans. Armored dinosaurs and agile humans work together with melee and ranged weapon attacks to take out the enemy base.

PC/Console Projects



Primal Carnage 1 & 2


Released in 2013, this the first multiplayer "dinosaurs vs humans" team-play game for the PC and console.  Since its release, the studio has garnered over 10 million registered users and over 7 Million in revenue.  On October 20th, 2015, the title was released on the Playstation platform to maximize reach


.Primal Carnage 2 (PC2) ​tells the story of a mercenary team infiltrating a private research island― a secret base for the cloning and enhancement of dinosaurs. The Primal Carnage franchise has transcended from an independent PC game to console phenomena.  Amassing close to $6M (retailing $15-$20 per download – variable due to quarterly promotion discounts) in gross revenue with no marketing budget or strategy, the brand attained a strong cult following strictly due to its originality and solid gameplay.   This continuation of the brand is sure to not only be a success but elevate the legacy.


Games-to-Learn From

Untitled Interactive intends to create a business opportunity through the Games-To-Learn-From Fund. Untitled offers independent game developers the ability to participate in a high-growth industry at the ground-level which is otherwise very difficult to access. The fund intends to empower game creators with educational-focused games by allow them to create a portfolio of games covering all major game platforms.

GAME Submissions

Game Submissions

Do you have an educational-based game in development for mobile?


Untitled Interactive is seeking to work with talented developers to help bring fun games that teach to market.  The Game-To-Learn-From-Fund utilizes the experience and knowledge of a cabal of industry professionals to filter out the ten best games to fund and distribute to the masses.  From there, Untitled Interactive will co-finance upwards of 250K toward game development, while also guiding the development team with their production/monetization strategies, finance, QA, usability, distribution, PR, marketing, cross-promotion, customer support, and online services.  Our experience, technology, and user base can help your game reach its maximum potential.

To submit your game for consideration, click below to fill out the submission form. 

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